Skate Or Die (France, 2008)

Skate or die is a 2008 produced french film directed by Miguel Courtois, It stars Mickey Mahut and Idriss Diop as the film’s protaganist skaters ‘Jerome’ and ‘Benjamin’. It also stars Elsa Patakay (Fast and Furious 5, Snakes On A Plane) as their love intrest ‘Dany’ and Philippe Bas (L’empire des loups) as the film’s antagonist, a corrupt police officer worried chasing after the youths because of infomation they hold on him.

I’ve got to admit I picked up this film having never heard of the film before or even anyone involved, this is one of those examples of a film that I have brought on DVD simply because I liked the cover art (and the fact it reminded me of the retro video game ‘skate or die’) I made sure to avoid online reviews and spoilers so I could make a truly independant verdict of the film without any pre-determing factors clouding my judgement. So with that all that said I wasn’t too impressed by this film

The film starts off with a simple enough establishing of it’s main characters, we see that Jerome and Benjamin are talented skaters from a series of trick sequences, we also meet ‘Dany’ for the first time who the skaters both share an attraction with, The skaters decide to go up to the newly built (but currently closed) multi-storey car park where they see a drug deal go bad as one of the sides lead by ‘Lucas’ kills a dealer and takes his money. The boys whilist frightened for their own safety film the entire thing, but they are spotted and so begins a frantic chase.

This chase is pretty much what happens for the remaining 70 minutes of the film and I found the plot holding it together to be fairly poor, the twist is that the drug dealer is actually a member of the police force and so has the power to get all of paris’ police looking for the skaters, there’s a lot of instances in the film where I lost my suspension of disbelief because I genuienly couldn’t believe some of the police could be as stupid as they were made out to be. Also, considering the boys’ method of transportation is their skateboards I thought it was a major mistake of the film that they didn’t use it to their advantage more by going places that cars simply could not get too. they did have a decent enough sequence where the boys skated from one roof to another to escape their purseres near the end of the film, but in all honesty I’d given up by this point and was only watching for the occasional good shots and a song from the honestly great soundtrack.

In conclusion I felt that this film could have been a lot better than it was, I wasn’t expecting much from this action film but all I can say I got from it was a few new bands to search from the soundtrack. shame really.

Not many stills available online so here's a still from the video game of the same name


I had to laugh at the ending sequence where the two boys uploaded a video onto their previously unestablished website and within SECONDS of the film being uploaded the video had seen over 10’s of 000’s views, lets see if this post here can do any better eh?


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