5D MK. II: Workshop

I had used the Canon 5D Mk. II before when filming for my 262mc piece at the end of last academic year, but that was very much a taster and I was very keen to see what else this camera could do and how I could make the most from this piece of kit. I found the workshop with bex to be very useful for one getting a quick refresh of how to use the camera and some of the vital functions (I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to white balance on this camera) and two find out about functions I was unaware of, such as lowering the sharpness to help sort out a picture aliasing issue that is common with the 5D.

Pro’s & Cons of the 5D:

A major pro to the 5D is it’s compactness and it’s high picture quality,It performs extremely well under low lighting conditions. The 5d can record full frame HD (1080p) but focus is a major issue of the 5D it can be quite tricky to get a shot in focus particularly if that subject is moving around a lot, I would not ever recommend using this camera on auto focus. I would also never EVER use this camera without a tripod, not that I do really anyways, but with the 5D every motion made by the camera user is noticeable and getting shots that look professional without a tripod or a steadycam is nigh-on impossible. The internal mic is also very poor and attaching in additional mics is not particularly recommended, It is advised that when using this camera I should record all my sound onto an external device such as the myriads. another major drawback of the 5D’s vide mode is that you can only record 4gb of HD video at any one point (roughly 14 minutes) This could prove disastrous if I were to film a live event for example a music concert. but aswell as that the battery life isn’t anything to write home about, managing just over an hour of constant filming, If i were to use this camera out and about anywhere i’d certinanly need to pack some spare batteries.

after doing some research online people have found over major issues with the canon 5D such as lack of support of files with PC’s for editing, and apparent issues of images freezing during panning. I would certinanly consider using this camera on shoots however due to the high quality of the images it can produce and it’s interchangeable lenses giving a lot of different possibilities to what I could do, however the cons’ I have mentioned must be considered for any project I decide to use this camera for.


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