Power Film. Making of and Analysis.

The above is the video I ended up making for my power video. You may note that this is a completly different idea to what I proposed a few blog posts ago, let me explain how that happened first and for most. I had envisoned going into university and getting as many faces as I could to say their facebook status’ but the idea hinged on a good few of them to say no and get a bit angry or embarssed by the idea. but, I found it hard to find a time where I could get enough friends or friends of friends to do this. I slightly edited the idea and thought about doing it via skype, but I found it very difficult to get a decent looking screen capture of a video call via skype, making that idea unworkable. I then decided to try and cut my losses and film some students on the monday, but found the shots I did manage to get boring and contridicary to my point so decided to scrap the idea completely.

So tuesday came and I had nothing to present, to say I was dissapointed in that is an understatement, but I came up with an alternative idea which I felt I could film in a night and still stick to some of the points I had researched about social media and data put up online, but this time focusing more on it’s use in advertising rather than the one-dimensional social view I was establishing in my prior piece. I wanted to get people to consider whether corporations such as google and facebook should have access to this sort of infomation by bringing the advertising to life via a salesman.

The video itself isn’t technically my finest piece, I know the shots aren’t framed perfectly and the lighting is pretty poor but this is partly due to the rushed nature of the shoot and the fact that there was only two of us on ‘set’ and we weren’t exactly the greatest of actors. I would definantly like to re-film this not only for these reasons but because of some story issues that were pointed out in the seminar yesterday which I agree with.

Points raised include that my character didn’t get angry enough (probably because I was acting that character and my range of emotions is fairly limited to say the very least) and that he should have ‘kicked off’ a bit more, also that maybe the salesman should have revealed more revealing information such as for example using search results as a weapon against the user. (example used was user searching for ‘symptoms for STI’s’ and the salesman asking how that went on for him or advertising a place for him to receive treatment.)

Plans for this piece then include reshooting but also further research into what google/facebook do with infomation put online. I was shown this video as a good starting point.

any other feedback on the video or further points of research needed would be greatly appreciated.


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