In Time: A Quick Analysis. TO BE CONTINUED!

Justin Timberlake (The Social Network, Friends With Benefits) and Amanda Seyfried (mamma mia, mean girls) star in this futuristic bonnie and Clyde style thriller from director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord Of War) The film is set in an alternative reality where the phrase ‘time is money’ is turned into a literal meaning. Every human being ages until they reach 25, after that point everyone is given a year to live, you gain/spend further time much in the same way we earn/spend money, this creates a situation where the rich can become immortal by controlling and sacrificing the poor by constantly raising the cost of living.

The metaphor is very obvious when comparing this film to the current news climate, the film also dabbles into looking at issues of overpopulation (again quite intresting given this weeks news that there are now seven billion people alive at once.) Human obsession for looking and feeling young, Surveliance culture and the lack of free time in our busy, hectic lives.

The story sees Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) on the lower end of the economic scale of this world, each day he has could literately be his last as he has only a few hours that he constantly tops up through his regular job at a factory, but as he struggles to survive in this world he saves a centurion (a man with over 100 years of time left) by the name of  Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) from certian death from a vicious gang of minute men;criminals that steal time in the ghettos, lead by a man called Fortis (Alex Pettyfer) Whilst hiding from the minute men Henry reveals the true purpose of the clock system that it keeps the powerful immortal, there is no time shortage but because there is not enough space to hold everyone on the planet the system is orginised to keep a select few immortal while letting the rest of the world believe they have a chance at immortality.

Henry gives Will all of his time theryby committing suicide, because of the tracking of time by the timekeepers (essentially the police of this time) they discover fairly quickly that Will has the time that Henry lost and aim to charge Will for his murder.


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