Spectacle Process/Development

The above is a project that is only at it’s first draft, but has been met with hugely unexpected problems among the way to reach this stage. First I should explain the idea and how I feel it realtes to spectacle.

The idea was to follow on with a current trend which is to ‘update’ or modernise old tales and stories. this video was heavily inspired by a hugely successful viral ad based around the Christian nativity story.

I decided to do a story based around guy fawkes’ night as I felt not many people did not know the full story of the events (I certainly didn’t more later) I felt that if done right this could be an interesting take on the 400 year old story brought into modern norms. However this is where the problems began.

To capture the story I decided to use several different tools. A web html editor called Web X-Ray Glasses and a visual capture software called Debut. Debut I thought was working really well, but I probably should have paid more attention to the capture setting defaults as they caused huge problems in the edit, especially when using the footage I got from google stories which count for the search engine parts of this piece.

To make this piece I decided to setup an email and a facebook for Robert Catesby leader of the gunpowder plot which can be found here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003101926731 The email account was RobCatesby1604@hotmail.com

I edited the piece using Adobe Premier CS3 and that is where my problems really began with this piece. I discovered using this program a number of problems with this project which I had not considered and also problems with my own setup on my personal laptop (I usually edit at university and I really should stick to that in the future.) For starters though I made a massive mistake when it came to capturing my footage which i didn’t really realise until it was too late. I had gotten the frame size and rate off. I had set Debut to keep the frame size to 16:9 video size, but all of the captures would automatically resize themselves, which was something I didn’t realise during the capturing process. While I did my best to sort this out, problems continued and still do continue that I can not sort out. One issue with making any drastic changes is the aforementioned laptop. any time i wished to make changes I would need to rerender the footage. and here is an example of how long that takes.

I did heavily consider recapturing the footage, but then I realised that the debut capturing software trail had expired (i was unaware it was just a trial version) This was a major problem as I had no other software that I could use for free that would do what I needed this program to do.

So, the changes I wished to make including changing the tone of the introduction was completley impossible. There are lots of things I would like to change with piece particuallry after having the original video shown. but all i could really sort out was the audio track and even then that caused problems due to issues in the way the original file was exported. Trying to remember the orginal file export settings wasn’t easy, I resorted to downloading a copy of the footage i uploaded to youtube. this was a less than ideal situation. The music for this piece was something I should have thought about more in advance, as after hours of searching I couldn’t find a track I was happy with. I also couldn’t reconvert the file. every time I managed to get to the 60% mark the video would fail to complete and stop. This video has taught me a number of ways of how NOT to make a video, here is a quick list of things I wish I could have improved on this video and what I would improve if it were possible.

  • Triple-check that frame sizes stay consistant AT ALL points.
  • triple-check that said frame sizes are workable with premier
  • always make sure the footage you create can be used on PC’s and mac’s as (in my case) your pc isn’t great when dealing with editing.
  • Consider music and sounds at the start of ANY project you use especially one with no additional dialouge such as this.

In conclusion I don’t like the finished product, i feel the idea behind it was fairly strong though and if executed better this video could have been a fun way for people to learn more about the gunpowder plot. however not all was lost in this video as it taught me lessons that I really needed to learn about myself and creating videos using capture software.


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