FMP Ideas/Brainstorm/Research.

Earlier today I had a tutorial meeting with Pete discussing my ideas (or lack thereof) for my final project. I shown the ideas i presented before (available on this blog) and discussed what my thought process had been like since then, I mentioned some ideas but they all seemed to be fairly generic and I couldn’t think of any ways for them to stand out. Pete mentioned again the idea of OneUp the webisode series I proposed in my 3 ideas part at the start of the module. I felt i could make something from this that could stand out, but i said that I decided against working with it as I find writing a script to be enough of a struggle without making it a comedy script. We both agreed that this wouldn’t be easy, but we talked and he suggested going off to research and think of some ideas for potential sketches, as well as a link to bring them altogether (I stated i’d want to use the same characters) I’m in the process of developing characters (I think I am at least getting somewhere with that.) so i decided to start looking into ideas of how to strengthen these charcters and look into gaming culture and videos that already parody this culture.

First off, there are a lot of different types of video that parody and reference different types of humour from video game culture. but many of these are fairly surreal, my proposal for this piece would be to keep the drama and the pacing fairly ‘realisitic’ in the sense of I wouldn’t be making ‘family-guy’ style surrealist cutaways or stuff like this where the joke seems to be always what if [insert game here] was real (although a lot of these are very well done)

I’d be looking into making a more ‘reaisitc’ view of the gamers in question rather than the games they play (although i’d aim to get some parody of games in aswell.) of course there is also sketches that do this aswell. such as ‘The Online Gamer’ and ‘The Guild’

The guild would be the style of show i’d be looking at as inspiration as well as short lived web comedy ‘everyday achievements’ however I feel there’s a lot of gaming culture that I feel is there ready to parodied. I have been watching a number of videos on ‘trolling’ such as this video which gets an amazing extreme reaction from people.

I also follow Extra Credits and Gameoverthinker. they both present interesting discussions about where the medium is going and how the audience is changing or has changed to accompany change in technology and politics around gaming. expect a bit more on that later on. I feel these videos may inspire me to pick up a few subjects within gaming that can relate to this show.

Aswell as this I will be researching writing a comedy show and building up great characters.

I don’t expect to build up my charcters to the depth of mark and jez from the peep show, but i’d say that this show aswell as other brit comedy shows such as IT crowd would be good to further research to give a further twist on my intital idea.

sketch comedies such as The Fast Show and Big Train will also be a source of inspiration. particularly with the fast show as their sketches characters all have their own overarching narrative.


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