Analysis – Spectacle

Message/Narritive. The video was quite a fun idea in terms of taking the past events of guy fawkes nights and bringing it into the 21st century, however this juxaposted the music that was used in the piece and gave an awkward feel because of this.  I feel that the narrative could have been improved by extending the use of sites, maybe have guy fawkes using foursquare for example.

Execution. Aswell as the aforementioned music issue there was also problems with timing which could confuse an audience, sometimes they are not given enough time to adjust to what has been put on screen, also the frame size could be improved to make the piece easier to read.

Ambition. I used software that I had no experience of and also ways of capturing that were new to me, I also can’t say i’ve seen any other students attempting products similar to this so in that sense it’s farily ambitious, there is room for further ambition in this piece for example mixing with shot footage (CCTV style perhaps)


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