Memory – Reflection

After showing the video to my peers I was happy with a lot of the feedback I received, a lot did admit to me they liked the idea of the project and although a major worry of mine was that the video didn’t have enough explination about the main idea, many of those that watched it felt like they got the idea well enough. I tried showing to people from outside the course aswell to vary the opinions. After showing the video to Pete, he recommended and loaned me a book titled ‘The Auditory Culture Reader’ and in particular recommended me chapter 16 ‘Aural Postcards:  Sound, Memory and City’ ‘Fran Tonkiss’ This had some interesting theories into the sound of the modern city life, looking into how personal music players ‘gives us the fiction that people who speak to you on the street can not be heard’ and that this deafness offers a kind of urban freedom therby reversing the intent of the concert hall as means of orginizing a ‘culture of listening’ (Thompson, 2002) I felt this was quite an intresting quote and was something I felt was relevant to my project, I feel that Mp3 players as great as they are have created a culture where music has become a rather solitary experience rather than a collective experience to which I feel music should usually be. It also goes on in detail about Walter benjamins Sound sovenirs project.

Another project that was mentioned was ‘Sound It Out’ a documentary project looking into the dying business of record stores.

This is a documentary project looking into the last surviving record shop in Teesdie, North east england. It’s highly revelant to my project due to the memories attahced to physical items such as the shop and the vinyl records and also the obvious musical emotional attachement. I can’t say I’ve seen this film in full yet, but I am highly interetsed in catching a showing of this documentary as it may give me ideas of potential changes to the idea and marketing of Project:Mixtape.

I also talked about the idea itself and discussed how I felt there wasn’t anything similar available in the market in this day and age, a few people mentioned that maybe I should look into marketing the idea as an online business with proper licensing…

but i found it could possibly be an interesting idea, in my research I was comparing the project to being a musical equivalent to moonpig. I would be interested in conducting further research into music purchasing as gifts to see whether people would prefer to buy a download or a physical product when buying for others, if i were to take this idea any further.

I posted the video and blog onto twitter and asked for feedback for the idea and RT’s I got a few RT’s and some positive feedback for the idea, some people were saying they were considering doing a simliar project in the future but with CD’s as opposed to cassette tapes.

overall though the project aimed to get people to think about their memories and connecting it to the music they listened to, I also aimed to bring in nostalgia by doing so using a defunct format. I feel the first half came off clearer than the second part, but I had a lot of fun putting together the video, the playlist and the accompanied blog for the project which can be found at

In terms of technical skill I feel this piece could be improved a lot, the inital interview shot with laura left a lot to be desried and really I should have framed the interview better, also the shots with the tapes being presented had a horrible zoom effect I could and should have just got the person to hold the shot at the camera for 15 seconds in a rehearsed fashion rather than just when ready and leave me to guess their hand movements. so this piece has taught me ways in which I should direct anyone I interview in the future.

I found the project to be a lot of fun and on a personal level it taught me some things I never knew about some people fairly close to me, I feel music has a great power to change things and in this project I managed to get people to consider their memories and also consider other peoples emotional attachments to music. I feel this project could get bigger with enough presence behind it.


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