Throughout this module I have created 3 short artefacts before this point for submission, but aswell as that this module has got me considering about projects that I may undertake in the future. a lot of my ideas I would like to have done fell apart due to a number of restraints but the successes and failures of me from this module have helped me to see where I can improve and where I need help.


I felt that this video could have been improved upon in many ways, I realise that techincally I could have done better this could have been solved by better planning of the idea in advance (it was a rushed piece and I feel it shows) I would love to shoot this again but with better actors than myself and with much more attention paid to lighting and costumes. I would certinanly make the characters react in a more extreme fashion than I had mine do. I felt that this idea was inspired by foucault’s vision of the panopticon and was my way of getting people to consider the infomation they put online. I also learnt to avoid using the 5D’s internal mics and also from a personal view that if you have a good idea, sometimes it’s better to leave it until it’s fully formed rather than just going and shooting.


This video was just riddled with problems but this was all techniques and programs that were new to me. I decided to bring a focus on presenting an old story in a new way, similar to the viral nativity video that hit the web a couple of christmases back. I was interested in using screen capture technology and web editing tools to create a fictional space that looked real, this turned out to be much more difficult than I expected due to struggles in finding software that would do the job and then when eventually finding the software my inability to use it effectively, I believe I have learnt from my mistakes however and if able to try again with a new version of the software I’d be able to make a better short out of the program, tools such as x-ray glasses have given me other ideas for visual projects (mainly photo based) that may come into play in the near future or possibly for my FMP depending on if I feel it fits in with the piece.


This video as a project was the one that I am most proud of in this module, although i felt like it didn’t let me show off any visual skills as it was a very basic setup and i couldn’t work a way around that, however I feel like the idea itself helped set me up for developing skills in web promotion, I am seriously considering taking this idea and seeing if I can make something bigger from this, there will almost certinanly be changes in the format, but I feel this idea could become something quite big with a good enough web presense. It got me considering how to market a product and I feel I still have a lot to learn when it comes to this area, this something which definantly effect how I market my FMP.


I have mixed opinions on this module and my performance in this module as a whole. I feel it has got me considering different menthods of creating or enhancing my work that I  may not have considered before (for example screen capturing and web recreation) however at the same time I feel that if this modules purpose was to prepare us for our FMP’s then it has failed in it’s purpose, I feel that this module has been helpful in building up some work to use for portfolios later on (well in theory, I honestly feel that visually this work has not been some of my strongest but that is a problem of my own lack of focus in this area during this module) I honestly feel at this stage that my FMP requires a lot of work and that this module hasn’t provided me with enough of the tools to prepare for that, I understand that we will be focusing more on FMP next term but I feel underprepered at this current stage, another negative note would be the lack of availabilty to kit, I’m aware that there is a limited ammount of kit to go around but I felt like I could never get 5d’s or different lenses out whenever I wanted to experiement, this lead to me going with a ‘sticking’ with what I know’ style visually across my power and memory pieces, I’m aware it may sound like i’m moaning, but better access to more kit would be helpful to all students to experiement with different styles without worrying about whether it has to make one of the 3 project words, Rather than when they do get access to kit making a rushed product just because they may not be able to get the camera again in the near future.

I do feel like this module has preapred me or got me starting to prepare on other aspects that will affect my FMP or are just as important as my FMP, It has certinaly got me reconsidering my web presence and also the impact of my storytelling, I do feel like my creative ideas have improved during this module and I am considering alternative methods of portraying ideas which could spark ideas in the future.


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