FMP Idea. (note idea has since changed)

I’ve got to admit that I’ve been struggling with the FMP, every time I get an idea I seem to give it a week and then dislike it again, the christmas holiday did give me a lot of free time however to think over the ideas I had and see whether or not I had an idea that I could work.

Over the course of the holidays I had been researching into Music artists revenue out of interest following a discussion during the holidays, and this information presented me with a question. With the rising popularity and ease of use of streaming services that require a small subscription cost at best, Will it be possible for any music artists to make a living solely of their craft?

At best it’s difficult for anybody to make money just from music nowadays any ways, Online privacy and dwindling CD sales have created a difficult environment for the majority of current artists, Most bands even with a decent amount of success will likely be working second jobs to support their art.

I was also looking into new technology and was interested in the rise of the QR code and other augmented reality ‘apps’ I seen a tech demo on the Technology show ‘click’ which showed a miniature sized ‘concert app’ which worked by showing an artist singing and dancing by scanning in the qr code and viewing via a tablet computer. I wondered what would happen in a world where this technology was readily available and operated as a streaming service as appears likely due to the rising popularity of services such as Spotifly and the recently released in the U.K; film service Netflix.

The above is an amateur example of how the technology could work, in the world that I would be portraying I’d consider doing it in a different way. I’ve been looking into different ways of presenting a 3D like streaming technology, In my mind It would be a life size ‘model’ so i’ve been considering different ways to present this. If i decided to use a smaller table sized version I’ve been researching into ‘star wars’ style hologram effects however If i were to do this as a ‘scale model’ It would not work in the way that I wish to. I have considered avoiding any effects during any potential ‘streaming performace’ and just using minor effects during the ‘load up’ of a performance, perhaps in a style similar to this. This could present to the audience the idea of a new tech at the start without then using effects afterwards that could detract from the scene and look wrong.

At this stage I am currently writing my first draft script which I do not wish to share at this stage but I do have a strong idea of how this story will play out (this will change with further research however) The main themes considered in this piece will be:

. The value of music in today’s society and it’s likely future.

. Mainstream culture and the pressure of celebrity and the melding and creation of said celebrity’s persona

. The ‘Sex’ Sells standpoint and how that effects marketing and presentation.

. Streaming services and their likely successes/failures

. The value of the artist against the need to make money, Is music/video/art always the artists decision or is it manipulated to make the most money it can

In researching this idea I have been looking into similar pieces that share some of the themes of my piece, The most influential has likely been Black Mirror: 15 Million merits, which looked into molding of celebrity stars through shows like the X factor and themes such as The ‘reality’ of the online world. It presented a very dark vision of an alternative, extreme future but a lot of the ideas were inteded to get the viewers to consider their own habits/visions and also how the image of the celebrity could be manipulated.

The TV show’Extras’ has also provided some inspiration for this potential film, particualy the scenes involving Andy’s (Ricky Gervais) agent (played by Stephen Merchant) and the later series where Andy’s ‘made it’ but is being forced to comply with the mainstream against his artistic wishes. In the show Andy’s initial sitcom idea is changed and butchered beyond his own idea so much that it ceases to be his creation anymore, however he is still credited for it’s creation presenting interesting artistic dilemmas for the character. Again I feel this could translate into my film as my character will have to juggle the need to express herself artistically against the need to make money and support herself financially.

I will post further research and inspiration in seperate posts and in next weeks presentation.  I also have a good idea of the charcters and location sets i’d like for this piece, I will show my development of these characters further in later posts.

FEMALE SINGER  – Idealistic young, talented singer that is underprepared for the world of celebrity and under-funded to survive with music on it’s own.
AGENT – Highly enthuastic and naive talent agent but someone who is more than willing to take advantage of singers talent to make himself some money,
SHARPLY DRESSED AGENT – Rival agent that represents larger clients, presents singer with a counter offer in the film.
NEWSREADER – I envision a news report in the film to explain the financial success (or introduction) of new ‘streaming’ technology It is unlikely that the news reader will be devolped further as a character.
SMITTEN FAN? In one draft of the story I developed the character of a fan that’s smitten by the singer, I feel this character could further the awkardness that the singer feels from her sudden new fame.

AUDIENCE/HOUSE PARTIERS EXTRAS!!!! (just extras to fill up some scenes)

House for party – would be used to show the streaming technology to it’s potential, I’d need to set the place up to appear to be hosting a live performance.

cafe or sutiable equivelent The news report would be shown in the cafe that the singer is eating inside, this will present the potential ‘smitten fan’ into the story.

Office – This will be where the Singer and the agent hold their meetings and discussions on the singers next moves.

Pub/club with live music capabilities. I felt it would be interesting to have the singer do a ‘real’ performance, with the ‘streaming’ technology available would people still go to a live show?

More to follow. Any feedback at this stage would be greatly appreciated (good and bad)


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