Potential Influences on my short film

Although my film has only recently taken a form that I am happy to move forward with I have been looking into how I would like the movie to ‘look’ like and how certian pieces I have seen before will have an influence on my film, be it in the style of the production or in some of the narrative themes. below is a list of a few pieces and how they will hopefully influence my final piece.

Black Mirror: 15 Million merits

This piece was a major influence on the initial idea of my proposed film, It’s running theme of the cult of celebrity, The impact of modern technology and advertising was for me very well executed. The style of filming is something way beyond my expertise and budget unfortunately, but I felt that narratively I could take a lot from this piece, It was obviously very well researched but also had a very strong view on the types of shows it was parodying (TV talent shows such as X Factor and Light entertainment shows such as Total Wipeout) this film presented a very dark vision of a dystopian future where image is everything and if you don’t fit into societies norms then you are effectively cast out. Although very extreme in it’s execution it’s underlying themes are certianly relate-able to the route I wish to go with my short film piece.

Cemetery Junction

This film although a comedy is quite an interesting film to consider in relation to this piece as it follows a character similar to how I see nate will end up, In this film the main character Freddie seems to have got everything settled at the start of the film, he’s an apprentice in a job he could see himself doing for a long time and he feels that he has made it in his chosen profession, however as the film goes on, he discovers that not only is this having a massive effect on the company he keeps around due partly to their lack of success but also because of his changing attitude, but it is also not the job that he really expected, he realises that he really doesn’t want to grow old selling insurance to people that don’t need it and get little to no recognition for it. His love interest in this film Julie harbours a strong love for photography and wishes to make a career out of it, against her fathers wishes (who also happens to be Freddie’s boss) This film I feel is relevant to my short as it themes heavily on the idea of teenage/ young adult dreams, the main characters despite all there problems aim to keep idealistic and let their heart rule their mind in the end. It also has a strong theme of escapism and how no matter what happens you can always get a train straight out of there, but it also helps you to appreciate what you had before leaving it all behind.

All of this is relevant to the character of Nate in this film, although he would be much older than the protagonists of this film I feel that the character traits of Freddie and a little bit of Julie have helped to inform me of how this character could be done.

Modern Life Is Rubbish

Daniel Jerome Gill


This is a film that has been described as a breakup story for the ipod generation, which follows a recently seperated couple that go about splitting their music collection. The title takes it’s name from an album by Brit-pop act ‘Blur’. At 13 minutes in length this is very close to the timeframe I would be aiming for with my piece and this film has taught me a great deal about how I could develop my two main characters within that timeframe. The little subtle movements and emotions really make this film and really make you care for the characters despite the short amount time we have to get used to them. The male lead in this piece is also interesting in my character development as he refuses to live in the present he is happy and the past and quite frankly scared of how the present day works, He holds onto CD’s and refuses to listen to ‘drag and drop’ playlists and very much against piracy. The film moves quite slow considering how short it is and only features one location, but this is ok due to a fantastic script.

Again this piece asks the audience to question the value of an artist and music but also how this has an affect on us as human beings, The ending with the passing on of the Radiohead CD is a highly symbolic move in this film that speaks volumes about the characters. This is a much slower built film than the one I would aim to make, but it is certainly an important one for me to watch when it comes to how I plan to develop characters and also how a lack of dialogue can say a lot more than words at times.


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