The above film was a piece that I discovered very recently via twitter, It seemed to be a piece that was documenting about some of the issues I wish to address in my FMP so I gave it a watch. This film presents how modern media has changed and how the process has become heavily democratised, but the film questions whether or not this produces better art or if true talent is hidden beneath an ‘ocean of mediocrity’, They bring in many successful artists and authors throughout this documentary including ‘Moby’ and ‘Hot Chip’

As a media producer myself, this film raised a number of emotions in me, It re-informed me of the sub concious changes that have been happening over the last few years but how important they have been in changing the industry, this also scared me as it was true that ‘anybody’ could do what I do, This is an important thing to consider as an artist or reporter in almost any field now (which is most plainly seen if not mentioned in the film in the decline of traditional press in the age or web blogs and instant news access) This film made me come to the conclusion that the ‘hollywood’ mentality of making films may be dead and that if that was true then it was certinanly true for the traditional routes of the music industry.

The film considers both the positives and the negatives of a democratised media landscape, some artists such as moby are less confident that the democratised  is a good thing, he acknowledges that the game has changed, in the fact of not everybody would go out and ‘make things’ 30 or 40 years ago as the know-hows of the art was hidden, but with modern computing and how cheap equipment and specialist software can be (or be pirated) anyone can make anything, the only problem with that is he believes is that, a lot of it will be samey and mediocre.

This film also presented the other side of the argument, the most interesting of these came from the following of Iclandic artist Olafur Arnlads who was a musician working in make ‘pop’ versions of Classical music songs, He reveals that without the technology at his disposal and without the internet to spread his music he would be no-where, he said in terms of music radio ‘his songs were too classical for the pop channels and too pop for the classical channels’

Overall I really enjoyed this documentary It presented many different ‘angles’ on where the media industry is and where it is going and I felt that it inspired me to think about how to develop my character for my short film piece better as well.

This has given me ideas not only in how to go about my final project but also how I may have to promote myself in the future after university is finished. It’s a bit scary but also exciting to see how I can personally make myself stand out in this ever-changing field



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