Proposal Form


I am giving this piece the provisional title of ‘shattered dreams’


A short film approximately 15 minutes in length aimed primarily at 18-35 year olds that sees an idealistic musician aiming to live his dream by getting his band a record deal, but will his friends and family share and support his vision as he increasingly drifts away from the reality of the life he already has?


The story of this film follows the life of 24 year old singer Nate as he feels he finally has to get an album out and get a publishing deal while he still can in order to achieve his ‘dream’ But throughout the film he will realise that his perceived dream just doesn’t exist, The issues that this film will look into will be the cult of the celebrity, the changing world of the media in particular music consumption and how people need to be adaptable in this world.


This film will raise questions about the value of the craft of an artist, It will also inform the audience how the media industry is changing as everything has moved towards the internet and user attention spans are now much lower raising the value of the single or the first impression. Research into artists shares of modern distribution services such as iTunes and Spotify, as well as documentaries looking into changing media culture such as PressPausePlay. It will hopefully get the audience to question their own media habits.

This will also question the impact of shows like the ‘X Factor’ and how many of us aspire to be famous without ever considering how that would affect us as people.


I aim to show the final cut of this film at Bafta during the Media production 3rd year degree show. It will also hopefully get a screening at the similar even in Coventry. As well as this I feel that this project could reach interest a wide audience, To further the idea of an ever changing media environment I would consider offering screenings online at select times using secure streaming websites. This would be heavily advertised and sponsorship would be needed for this to happen.

I would also plan on showing this at Film festivals. Some that I have in mind include.

Brief Encounters film festival (Bristol)

Raindance Film Festival (London) (as part of it’s shorts programme.)

Zero Film festival (London) (an independent film festival for self financed film makers)

Exposures film festival (Manchester) (student festival accepting entries of less than 30 minutes in length)

Budget and Skills Audit

This project will likely be shot over 2/3 days these days would be simultaneous to try and lower the costs. As this will be mainly self-funded I will be keeping costs to a minimum. I will need £700 for the film. This will cover:

Actors. I am aiming to get my supporting actors for as little money as possible (hopefully only covering expenses) but I feel I will need to pay for quality with my two main characters (Nate and Jess) with this in mind I would aim to spend around £175 to offer a payment of £35 per day for each of these two characters. (3 days for Nate, 2 for Jess)

Crew. I would be looking at getting 2nd and 3rd Year students to crew this film and as such unfortunately I am unlikely to offer payment.

Hotel. I would need to put up my actors for the night of any actors needed for more than one day. I aim only to have my two main characters for more than one day of the shoot, but may need to put up two of my secondary characters for one night. With this in mind I would be looking at around £125 to cover this expense (based on Britannia Royal Court Hotel, Coventry being £25 a night if booked in advance)

Transport I’d be looking at using public transport to cover crew and kit

Equipment Hire: I am hoping to hire the equipment via the media loan shop. HOWEVER I am fully aware that my camera of choice (Canon 5D) will likely be booked out during this time. Because of this I am looking into hiring out a 5D from This would likely cost £210 if hired out for three days of shooting.

Location Hire: I would be aiming to hire my locations for free as well in exchange for advertising in the film, but as the film will require 5 different locations, I expect I will probably need to pay for some of these so will be keeping £200 of my own money set aside if needed and will look to adding more through fund-raising, if this does not suffice.


Although at this stage I am working on this project alone I am currently looking to put together a crew to help out. I will be looking into acquiring, 1x Camera Operator 1x Sound Person (possibly 2x for introductory scene) 1x Lighting and an assistant director/DOP. As mentioned above I would be unlikely to offer payment so would be hopefully getting this crew by offering my services out to the crews own future projects,

During last years short film, I learnt a lot of lessons about how important the quality of actors is. I would be looking into contacts and advertisements to get good quality actors to make the most out of this project, I would also be looking into getting decent musicians.

This film will be a new and exciting challenge as I will be working in areas that I have little experience with at the moment, including potentially recording a live music event, although there will be challenges for me in this project, I believe I have proven skills in a lot of areas to cover most of the scenes, as shown in previous short films and outsider work for my professional experience and will be taking tutorials and/or getting help off people with the specialist knowledge required to get the shots right.

The research is also a very important stage of this film that must be perfected for this film, as well as doing traditional research I will be aiming to get interviews with aspiring and semi-professional musicians, I will also be getting help on the research side of things from a friend of mine called Adam who is a 3rd year music events management student from Bucks New University

In terms of post-production I feel I have enough skills to get a decent rough cut of the edit done but would be looking into getting someone to help me out with fine-tuning the edit, I will be unlikely to use many effects beyond the title design but to make this as good as I like I will be practising further with After Effects to improve my skills in this area.

Plan & Schedule of Work

As shown throughout this blog the story of the short film has changed numerous times throughout the pre-production stage of this project, My original idea was based around a nerd themed comedy but I realised that I couldn’t get the full idea or script right.

I have been set on doing something around the inner world of media particularly music since the end of last term, the way I have decided to portray this has changed however since I first envisioned this project, as I hit stumbling blocks on how to develop the characters. The idea itself developed from a research I used whilst making my ‘Project Mixtape’ video during CW1

The script is not yet complete and is priority no.1 I fully expect to have this finished by early February, I will be heading to Germany to film an unrelated project from the 8th so that will be my set goal to reach. While this is going on I will also be looking into finalising location, crew, actors and music. I will be setting up accounts on CastingCall and other websites to get the actors as soon as possible and also posting advertisements to get music sorted. It would be ideal if the actors involved (with the exception of Jess) are also skilled musicians. Location ideas will be considered with the crew once I have a rough one set up and I shall be looking into getting the locations booked at least a month in advance of filming.

I aim to film this piece around Mid-March and have it edited by mid-april at latest.

 Supporting Creative Artefact



  • Skills: Although there are areas of this project where I realise I will have to go into new territory for myself I am confident that I am the right person to get this project done, By leaving the initial planning stage and research as a solo job for the moment I have been able to focus clearly on an independent view that will hopefully come out in this piece, This will also improve my management and directorial skills before leaving university which will help me in my future career.


  • Audience: I feel that this project could appeal to a large audience, partly because the characters ambitions are highly relate-able as a lot of people will certainly be able to relate to having a dream or a long-term goal which they found out later on is unachievable. The ever-changing media world is also a subject that could interest a wide audience.
  • Will and Passion: although as I’ve said before, this project will create some challenges, I’ve always been one to rise above them and do not plan on taking any shortcuts in the production of this piece, There will be a number of sleepless nights in the making of this project I am sure, but the reward at the end should prove the stress to be worth it.

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