Interim Proposal (OneUP)

This is my proposal form I created for OneUP which I later decided not to go with becuase I couldn’t focus on the idea enough and did not feel I could confidently produce due to my lack of comedic background.

Title and Pitch
A clear, brief title – which can be modified at a later date if necessary – but which gives clear idea of the nature of the project
1up (One Up)

Sum up your idea in 2 lines. Include the genre, format, duration, usp (unique selling point) and intended audience.

Series of short 3-5 minute web based comedy shorts intended at tech-savy/gaming culture young adults

A brief description of the main issue/subject which your project will examine and the approach you intend to take.

This series would be a series of small sketches which would parody certian parts of gaming culture or the games themseleves, this would also but up an eposodic narrative.

What question/s does your PROJECT answer or what new idea does it offer? Where does your PROJECT fit in the current Media environment? Give evidence of the research and opinion that support your claims.

This project would ask questions about the culture which an increasing number of people find themselves in, It would question the importance of the internet for this culture to exisit and it would also challenge the impression that the ‘nerd’ must always be the bullied rather than the bully. I have been looking into research from famous people in this field including ‘MovieBob’, ‘Film Critic Hulk’ and ‘the team from extra credits’

Where do you think your PROJECT is going to play/reach an audience? Show evidence of your research into LIKELY sources of distribution.

This piece would likely be spread online at a monthly rate over the internet, I would aim to get this series on a site where gamers already go to such as the escapist magazine or screw attack.

Budget + Skills Audit
Give a realistic budget breakdown of your project and make sure you can afford to make it. Also explain here why you are the right person to be making this project – what skills, knowledge and experience will you be capitalizing on?

I believe I am the right person for this job as I have the skills in order to make this work and I have a huge interest in gaming culture, I know enough in this area to be able to focus on it’s strengths and flaws and hopefully will be able to use that to comedic gain.

I believe this project would be fairly cheap to make and will set aside £300 to cover the costs of acting and locations if needed.


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