Test Footage – Stylusboy

For my test footage which can be seen in my 360MC pitch presentation, I filmed stylusboy at his show on Wednesday 18th January at Taylor John’s House, Coventry during their wednesday acoustic night.

The reason for me choosing to use this for my test footage was because I wanted to get a realistic gig lighting effect in order to see how my filming should accomidate it. I booked out a 5D from the loan shop but unfortuantly there was a late return so I had to settle for a Nikon D90 for this shoot. At the shoot itself it seemed to go well but I was unhappy with the lighting on the camera, this has shown me that if I were to record a similar  shoot for my project I would need lighting much more suited to my film, I also decided that I would need to run at least a two camera set up one for a safety shot and one for more experimental shots, or risk facing a ridicolously long shoot and having somebody on red alert for continuity mistakes. Aswell as getting footage for my test shoot, I have promised stylusboy that a decent edit of one of the tracks will be online soon and I also made contacts with some photographers and video makers there that work within the coventry community, hopefully more on that one later.



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