Assessing The Competition – (AKA where I need to improve)

So this is the start of 361MC which means I am on the final stretch of this 3 year course, It’s very easy to do some reflecting at this stage of the course, but it’s essential that I look forward to what is to come, part of doing that is seeing what I will be able to do once I leave uni but also preparing my ‘calling  card’ to the industry which will be my final project.

My research on my project so far can be seen throughout the blog, but there is still room for a lot of change in the final film, I’ve decided to have a look around at a number of ‘rival’ universities to see how their students have done and so I can judge how much work and progress I need to make with my own projects, not all of these will be the same style of module or have the same context as our module but I feel this is an important step to compare my skills to those of the many media graduates that will be on the market with me searching for work in 6 months.

Lincoln University (TomSka)

This man may already be known to a few of you reading this blog but to those who are unfamiliar, the above is work by Thomas Ridgewell ‘AKA’ TomSka, he is responsible for the ‘hugely viral’ ‘asdfmovie’ and ‘University of Lincoln’ series of videos and his videos regularly receive over a million views each (his channel views are an astonishing 161,476,714 views) why this is important to consider is because Thomas was at my position last year at the University of Lincoln and  like his videos or not he has clearly found a market for them which although may not have been financially massive so far I don’t know have been very popular and I’m sure has lead to work elsewhere including appearances on BBC’s One Show and Channel 4’s Rude Tube

Although I am not really looking into the same artistic style as tomska and I find the quality of his videos to be great particularly his later ones, the videos are lit well and well composed. This has got me inspired to make some short films to both practice my cinematography but also for the fun of it again, I am currently aiming to write a few 5 second sketches (may end up longer but the idea is they will be quick and to the point) to test my skills at comedy but also to focus and better my cinematography skills.

another competing university is Staffordshire university which has some of it’s films available here

The above video I really liked in terms of style and cinematography It was a beautiful film to watch but I felt that in terms of a message it could have been improved upon, I believe that this is a theme through a number of videos (that I have seen) I’d (certinanly like to) think that the skills I have gained from the Research and development module will have allowed me to create more in depth stories even if I can hold my hands up and say my visuals are lacking at times.



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