Ignite talk for inspiration and because it’s video game related

For my piece I shall be looking at this as an inspiration and will probably do a video game related talk, this will be on a similar (but more focused) subject matter similar to my 260MC what matters to me project

but where to focus is my struggle I am looking into possibly doing something about SOPA, PITA and ACTA but I feel there’s probably too much there to fit into a small talk like this, also for the sake of how little time I have left to do this (two evenings) I will probably do something more trivial but which may cause further debate (but no sony vs xbox arguments)

I’ve been following extra credits and the gameoverthinker for a while who always have interetsing arguments in presentations not too disimilar from this format, I would be looking into researching into similar areas as these two internet ‘celebrities’


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