Shots from interview with former F1 ITV presenter Louise Goodman, update on futher PPP and FMP developments soon.


The shots are from me helping to shoot Charlie Lawernce’s first interview for her FMP. the interview was with former ITV F1 presenter ‘Louise Goodman’ and took place at Silverstone Race track. I took on the role of 2nd camera operator for the shoot and my job was to get the more interesting secondary shots on the shoot, I also helped out with making the most out of the rooms lighting as we had no extra lighting equipment available with us. I found the room to be a bit dull in all honesty but it was at least nice and spacious which helped with sound. I felt that this shoot could have been improved by holding a test shoot at the building before the interview. The interview itself went well, I can’t honestly say I know a lot about Charlie’s project in terms of what she wishes to prove or debate but I felt the questions could be a nice part of a documentary about women in motorsport. I wish her all the luck in the world for the rest of her shoots and I aim to help her further if I possibly can.

Year 3 Media Production

We set off for Silverstone Circuit, Towcester on Thursday morning with great anticipation. As this was the first shoot of the production I myself was very nervous and so had made sure that I was over prepared.

When we arrived I went in alone to introduce myself to Louise and talk about what we were going to be doing, while my crew unloaded the equipment from the car. Inside the ‘Innovation Center’ we decided on a well lit, spacious, and aesthetically appropriate hallway to use for the interview. With this decided I went out to collect the crew, we then assembled in the designated hallway and began to set up the equipment, running sound checks, and configuring the cameras and lighting.

Louise was wonderful to work with, she was pleasant and helpfully responsive to the questions posed in the interview. Her responses will most definately be included in a lot…

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