Well this has taken me a while but here is a write up of what happened when I went to Dresden, Germany as part of the ‘cities of conflict’ documentary.

First off I should explain what I was there for in the first place, I was down as Sound operator first and foremost for this documentary, we were split into teams before we went out for a practice interview session, which could have went better, but we learnt a lot about how we would try and get some interviews while we were out there.

We arrived in Berlin on Wednesday the 8th of February and then reached Hostel Lollis (which was a fantastic place to spend our week) in Dresden that evening and pretty much caught up on our sleep. For the first few days we pretty much just caught our bearings and attempted to get a few interviews but these turned out to just be for practice, As part of my group we struggled to find people willing to be interviewed in English. We didn’t get much done until Saturday 11th.

We had a meeting the night before where we all discussed what was going on in Dresden on the Saturday,  I had discovered that was an ACTA demonstration happening and as it was something I was interested in and quite heavily against I asked Steve if I’d be able to take a small crew to follow the demo around and get some interviews. Steve gave me permission but I was worried that I wouldn’t get the crew as there was a lot of other opportunities that day, but I fortunately managed to get Nick Newitt, Mike and Kurt to help me out for the demonstration. On the day I took director role as well as operating the sound equipment, Nick and Mike took Cameras (Canon 60D and 7D) and Kurt was our interviewer. I think this went really well, I would have liked to have got more interviews but the one’s we got were pretty useful and we got some great shots of a demonstration that was MUCH larger than I was expecting. over 3,000 people were marching in Dresden that day, a similar demonstration took place in London that day which had only 300 people and Birmingham had one with less than a dozen people. I edited the piece over the night and next morning and the finished piece can be seen here

Video ACTA]

The 13th was the main day of the main documentary, Another big demonstration would take place to remember the bombing of the city of Dresden during the second world war, this demonstration brings in activists from the far left and far right and there were concerns over our safety during the shoots. Although we had a minor scare during one of the shoots we found the day went by quite well, in fact I found the whole day very inspiring. It was stunning to see so many people saying no to fascism in their city, the day ended with a long silence to remember those that lost their lives in the bombing and second world war, An estimated 13,000 people were there stood in silence, it’s one of those moments that will stick with me until the day I die.

These were the main highlights of our week in Dresden I may add some other memories later on but I shall end this post by saying that this week did a lot for me, not only the thought that I’d have helped on a good documentary, but it also allowed me to film some work of my own and on something that I care about, It had been a little while since I filmed because I could and if nothing else Dresden had put back in a ‘buzz’ for filming that I had been missing for the month prior due to a lot of pre-production work for my FMP.

Updates to come when editing and promotion come into full swing. I end this post with some pictures.



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