BMW/Mini Interview and initial meetings

On Feb 24th I went for an interview with Pete Woodbridge and a member of BMW/Mini Synther. This was my first ‘proper’ interview in about a year so I took this as a major opportunity to not only hopefully get some work experience with another origination that would look great on my CV but also an opportunity to see how my interview techniques are currently. Having Pete in the interview helped me with that as I knew I would get the opputunity later on to discuss it with him.

In preparing for the interview I updated my CV; something which I had been looking to do around that time anyway as well as preparing for the interview by looking at previous videos related not only to BMW/Mini but also conjunctions between car companies and athletes done before. I also made sure to come prepared with a video of my previous work on my cellphone available for the interviewer to see if questioned (the video was my montage from year 2). I was very nervous entering my interview, I was one of the last students of the day to be interviewed so that helped a little bit but even so, I sat down and in all honesty at the time I felt I had done OK, I could feel myself stammering on a couple of questions which annoyed me once I left the room, I received feedback for my interview on the Monday afterwards and found out that I had passed. Pete told me that I was one of the best reflectors of the interview groups and they were both happy with how much I had thought about the different brands of BMW and Mini. however they did both notice my lack of confidence in my own interview techniques, below is a photo of the notes taken during the interview.


The news that I was officially involved in this project was signified in the very 21st century way of being added to a Facebook group. Pete as admin had organised a meeting with members of Synther BMW/Mini to discuss initial ideas for the project.  We all met up in the Alan Berry building and met up with a small team from Synther, who gave us a small presentation about what they wanted from the project and what ideas and contacts they had already. I found the talk to be interesting and it set me up with the ground basis for a few different ideas. Me and Sam Davies decided to go to the ellen terry building and discuss a few that we had. Sam then decided to make a short presentation to show in her absence in the next meeting which was a group meeting not involving anybody from Synther


During the meeting we disccused everyones ideas, I had a couple for pole vaulting and boxing but found that they were similar to ones that the rest of the group had, so i kept fairly quiet, during this meeting we sorted out the major roles of the group, which were producers, director and director of photography. As I had applied for camera work I was kept out of the discussions for this.

Currently the producers have been meeting up as a small group to see how the project will be taken forward, I await the next meeting and I am excited by this project and can’t wait to get properly started on it.


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