FMP casting

Below is the advertisement I placed on CastingCallPro, I placed similar advertisements on Mandy.Com and StarNow.

Casting Call Details
Company Quick and Painless Productions
Production Name Grandiose delusions (working title) – update
Production Type Film (Short)
Location Coventry / Birmingham
Salary No Pay
Duration see production details
Closing Date 01/01/13
Production Details A short film looking into the story of an ambitious but ultimately naive wannabe musician, It will follow the musician through his professional and social life as he realises his dream may not be real.This film will look into
All Characters Gender From To
Nathan ‘Nate’ Rowntree male 21 28
Rob Shepherd male 22 33
Mike Gould male 22 33
Record Label Executive both 18 30
Mother female 40 55



Nathan ‘Nate’ Rowntree

Age Range: Mid twenties
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British
Physical Characteristics: Average build

Character Traits: Naive. Ambitious, Arrogant

Nathan is the lead singer of his band and is clearly the driving force behind it, He has a decent life set for him at the moment (A long term relationship and a decent house) but he wants something ‘more’ as he hits 25 he starts to push his band further under fear he will never achieve his ‘dream’ if he doesn’t act now


Jessica ‘Jess’ Matthews

Age Range: Mid Twenties
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: British
Physical Characteristics: thin, long hair

Jessica is Nathan’s girlfriend, they have been in a relationship for a number of years, however Jess is getting increasingly annoyed with what she sees as Nathan’s ‘work shy’ attitude, When Nathan brings Jessica some news about his future, it threatens the relationship as Jess begins to wonder if Nathan is actually mature enough to be with her.


Rob Shepherd

Age Range: Mid to end twenties
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British
Physical Characteristics: Short hair

Rob is the drummer of Nate’s band, he is also a father to a 6 month old boy, Rob is increasingly annoyed by Nate’s attitude and is considering leaving the band, however when Nathan offers to pay for recording an album Rob is willing to accept his offer if for no other reason but to shut nathan up if/when he fails.


Mike Gould

Age Range: Mid to end twenties
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British

Mike is the bassist in the band, He is also a proud parent (2 year old girl) Mike works as the calming ‘middle man’ between Rob and Nate, ultimately though he sees the band as only a little bit of fun and nothing more and is also finding Nate to be a bit ignorant to what time Himself and Rob can put into the band.

Record Label Exec.

Age Range: late teens- mid twenties
Gender: Preferably male but will consider female for this role

The record label executive will appear in just the one scene, but this scene will be a vital scene in the film, the character is intentionally ambiguous, however ideally he will be younger than the band pitching to him to create further conflict within the band as Nathan would have problems working with someone he sees as highly inexperienced

I found from my experience that getting women involved in this project was much easier than men. I had 8 women interested from the get-go and 1 male applicant for any of the roles available. I decided to conduct auditions for the female roles as soon as possible. I filmed the auditions and will upload highlights at a future date. I got Tim March and Leanne Matthews to sit in on these auditions so I could have a 2nd and 3rd opinion. Tim also helped by reading character lines and suggesting questions for the actresses.

After the auditions I felt like I had my characters sorted for those roles but then came the worry of filling in the male roles (and the newly created role of mother) I reposted my castingcall and mandy post to very low response, this was worrying, I sent out requests to a number of actors and friends of friends. This is where I currently find myself, I don’t wish to give much away at this stage but I have had a few auditions in the last few days but the problem is that I am worried with how their physical appearance will suit and gel with each other so I don’t want to confirm any male actor until I have them all confirmed, hopefully I will be able to do this soon, but I still have other actors to audition in the next few days.

(although anybody reading this interested in auditioning get in touch ASAP)


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