2 weeks 2 make it & Rocked Up

For the last few weeks I have been having meetings with a number of fellow students aswell as media professionals to try and arrange our entry for 2weeks2makeit. A music video competition where we will be matched with an artist and given 2 weeks to make a music video. This will be a great opportunity for me to get some music video material on my showreel before I leave university. One of my major regrets of the course is not being able to focus on this area throughout my degree. This has been my own fault but a fault I have been looking to correct over recent months. I was also offered a filming opportunity with ‘Rocked Up’ more on that in a moment

In the above print screen, you can see the roles that everyone has been given for the 2w2mi group. I asked to be a camera op and that is the role I received. Below is a vote that group had other who’s video we would make as a ‘test’ for the competition, however we decided we would not be able to make it to a decent enough quality before the competition due to commitments elsewhere, such as my FMP. We are looking to make a video (probably for Mr Jacob Banks) after 2 weeks 2 make it has finished as we will all have more free time.

I was presented with an offer to film a session for online promotion and blogging company. ‘Rocked Up’ Who are looking to start a regular series of video sessions I was asked if I wanted to form a crew and sort out the visuals of the session. The audio will be sorted by a sound engineer. the session will take place in Nottingham on Monday and I will post more about this after that event. For now here is a link to a song from ‘A farewell to Tyrants’


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