Influences: Music Video and Live Sessions

65 Days Of Static BeatCast Coach Road Session from BeatCast on Vimeo.

I’ve always been a fan of Beatcasts they usually present great artists in an up close and personal way that sets it apart from a lot of other session podcasts. They have a great library of sessions as inspiration, but I find myself watching this session at the moment. This will likely be a great influence for how I will organise the shooting of my first session, so long as I can get equipment required to nottingham. (such as glide tracks)

Of course that sort of session would taken a lot of retakes and planning to get to that stage, If we  don’t have that time we may need to something similar to this.

2:54 performs “Creeping” at Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn from on Vimeo.

I would be ideally looking for something between the two, giving the artists their own space to perform, but also getting some close up ‘beautiful’ shots as seen in the 65DOS session.

The above is a music video that not only has given me inspiration for how I may present an idea for 2W2MI but it has also inspired alternative ideas for my FMP. This video is pretty much a short film set to the music of the Shins and it creates a great story that tells us all we need to know about the characters, the deceased father and their past and rivalries in the space of 4 minutes whilst keeping it entertaining. obviously the budget is better than my own, but the idea is brilliant in it’s simplicity, worth a watch.

This video also came into my head when I was thinking of ideas for our potential shoot for Jacob Banks. The music for some reason reminded me of the first minute or so from this video. The lighting in the first half of the video is how I could imagine the scene being set for Jacob but then getting brighter as the song goes on, possibly to reveal a live crowd following his every word this was just an initial idea, but going back to this video helped to show me how professionals do that style of song in a music video.

More to follow.


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