FMP – Final Script

Above is the FINAL version of the Script used for my Final Major Project. Please note the differences between drafts 2, 2.5 and this one.

To reach this version of the script I asked for some help from coursemate Laura Meades. I decided to ask for help with my script as I felt that taking on all the roles I had and simultaneously aiming to sort out scripting errors was too tall of a task for me, I knew that Laura has script editing aspirations for after university so asked her if she would be interested in helping me with my 3rd draft. She accepted.

I am happy with how the final draft came along, there is a major difference from this to my 2nd draft but I still feel that it is ‘my’ film, Laura was able to script this much better than I was able to. especially in the timeframe I had, the extra time and smaller work load allowed me to focus on aspects such as casting (which turned into more of a nightmare than I had imagined) and locations.

In the future I would make sure to have scripting finalised at the earlies possible convenience, I regret not finishing and.or asking for help sooner as having the script finalised would have allowed other aspects to have moved along quicker. However  the extra time that was spent on the scripting may have improved it to a state much better than it would have been without it.


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