FMP scenes 1/2 TEST

The above is a link to a rough edit from my FMP of scenes 1 and 2 there are several issues and things to be changed with this. most notabley the lack of sound at the start and some visual errors that were unknown until the export. but if anyone reading this fancies leaving some positive feedback then please do so 🙂


notes from myself on vimeo.

  • notes for myself different shot 1:44, Sound of door at enterance and exit. also phone tone. End on a loud laugh on scene 2
  • Shaun Jacques just now Delete / Edit
    also find out reasons for picture fault at 00:32 and jump at :46
    I shown a final rough edit to some coursemates and people outside of the course (link will not be posted here) online here are a selection of comments I have had about the edit.
    ‘1 – Lip synch 0:25
    2 – Lip synch 2:30
    3 – Good acting and script 3:20
    4 – Ambience all wrong in the house scene (sound too low?)
    5 – Changes in ambience levels at 5:15 (consider audio faders in FCP)
    6 – The fade may not be needed at 7:05
    7 – Sound definitely too low 7:30
    8 – Rob scans the paper too quick at 8:20. Is there any way you can get Rob to pause before he talks (any unused cutaways etc?)
    9 – Good cinematography and lighting at 10:00
    10 – Authentic hospital location for final scene

    worked well!’

    • good stuff man, i dno if you’ve done any sound separately that needs to be added or if its too late now, but i do think it’s something important, coz there are bits that are pretty quiet

    • but i think the shots look good, looks like they were filmed pretty well’

      Most of these errors were already known problems, such as the sound but it was helpful to get fresh eyes on my project as I was unsure of how it would look to a pair of fresh eyes.


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