Grandiose Film Poster

The above is my film poster for ‘Grandiose’ The poster was designed by 3rd year graphic design student Alexandra Balan. I spoke to her in the past about making a poster for the film having seen some of her previous work and she was happy to help, we discussed what I wanted in the poster during a meeting at Browns (which co-incidentally had an exhibition on old style film posters to inspire us) and we came up with a few ideas for how the poster could be designed. She did a few quick sketches on her iPad to give a rough idea, but the idea of the 4 person poster came up fairly early and was what we ended up taking away. She sent me a rough draft which can be seen a few posts back which I was extremely impressed with, The finished poster was the second draft and I felt that it was perfect. I wanted a poster that would stand out and I haven’t seen any other degree show posters that use seemingly sketched drawings, The positing of the characters does set an idea of what will happen in the film as throughout the cause of the film the characters do doubt and ‘turn their back’ on Nathan. It also shows Nathan as the ‘protagonist’ and main focus of the piece.


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