Locations. Once I knew the locations I would be shooting at (a number of which i lowered during script edits.) I had a scout for locations that I was lacking. Below are the locations I used, why I chose them and if I would choose another given a chance.

#Scene 1. ‘The Lock Up.’

I decided on this location because I liked how small it was, It was quite gritty and suited the ‘band’ and where they were at that particular moment. Having Dale as an actor in the piece was helpful as he rents the place along with other bands as a part of ‘king hermit’ Using this location was also helpful as it is next door to ‘The Quids Inn, which is where we shot Scene 2.

#Scene 2. The Quids Inn.

Shot of Rob at quids inn.

I decided to use this location fairly early. The quids is a well known student pub in Coventry, I have always liked the look of this small pub and felt that it would work very well for the characters in this piece. I secured this location very early on into production so I had no backups in mind. I avoided a location scout as I already knew the place rather well.

#Scenes 3/4 Gov Chima’s house

This was a location that was secured very late into the production, I had enquired about a few houses on line and seen about hiring out one for a day. however these were very much outside of my budget, I wanted to avoid the ‘student house’ look so my house was out, I originally decided to use Sam Davies living room as I felt this avoided that cliche. however as the time neared I was offered use of Gov’s house, I went to his place for a location scout and was quite impressed, this looked like a ‘home’ I could imagine ‘Nathan’ and ‘Jessica’ living there for quite a while which was great. I originally planned to shoot scene 4 outside at brown’s but I could not secure that particular location but in all honesty the weather would not have allowed it on shooting date anyway. I would have used the outside garden to film in the same way but again weather prevented that, I changed the script slightly to allow for the characters to have the argument in the house as well. If giving the chance I may have chose a different location but I was very happy with the one I had, I also considered using one of the bedrooms for scene #6 but later decided against it.

Scene #5 Tower Court

I decided to use this building after trying and failing with a number of others including the Herbert and ICE building, I managed to use this building thanks to a contact there but the problem with this location was that it was a genuine office meaning I had to be very careful with getting this scene shot so I didn’t disrupt peoples working days too much. I scouted the location before the shoot though and felt the office was a good fit for the nameless record executive, it made them appear anonymous I didn’t want to give the company or the executive too much of a presence as I wanted to make the company widely comparable to others in the real world.

Scene #6 Richard Crossman Building

I used this building for the final scene for a couple of major reasons. I had originally decided to make my mother character homebound, but after discussing the scene and her own FMP with Laura I decided that it would make much more sense to have the scene shot in a hospital setting. I had Gov’s house as a backup if I couldn’t shoot here, but Laura managed to secure the location for her own FMP I asked for her permission to use it before she started her shoot so I could shoot the final scene. This room worked well for this scene and just as a location said a lot more than a bedroom would have on it’s own.



If my budget was bigger I would have looked further afield than Coventry, I really didn’t like the idea of shooting all of my FMP in Coventry especially considering some of the further afield locations (such as LA and Spain) However, I felt that this story did not need such grand locations in fact if anything they would have taken away from this piece. I had always imagined it in a city but not as busy of a city such as London. Managing location scouting and securing locations by myself (and a little luck) was a nightmare, especially with little budget, in the future I would set more money aside for locations.


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