Editing – Visuals

Above is the timeline of my rough cut of my Final Major Project, I have yet to grade the film at this stage as i wished to leave this until last. I wanted to make sure that the sound and structure of the piece worked as as I hoped. I refuse to go through every technique I used to get my film ready to this stage, but I will post a little bit about some of the effects I had to use to cover up small errors throughout the piece, I didn’t plan on using any of these for the visuals but they have all been helpful in covering up some ‘gaps’ that may have ruined this piece without them. Also I decided to use Final Cut Pro as I have more experience with this program other Vegas or Premier, This has forced me to rely upon the university macs, in the near future I would aim to purchase my own Mac and copy of FCP so making videos like this would be much easier to make at my own pace.


In the orginal shoot, I shot a scene outside with all of the band essentially all this scene achieved was saying that the band was there and that Nathan was nervous, however the sound was unusable so I decided using this was impossible, What I decided to do instead was just use a shot of the building itself, but even that was difficult as we didn’t get a great shot that was steady, what I decided to do was slow it down and use steadycam effect on FCP, however this looked HORRIBLE! the image would not stay still, what I decided to do instead was hold it at a normal pace and freeze the final frame for a bit longer.

The short didn’t involve too many effects, the main worry was getting it all to sync up correctly, this will be further explained in my post about sound in this piece, but getting the visuals right proved to be challenging at places, for example in scene 3, we had a number of ‘blind spots’ that I didn’t notice until I reached the editing suite, So putting this together so it seemed ‘natural’ proved to be a bit of a problem. Hopefully this works well in the final edit, below is a screenshot of part of what I am talking about, I believe the sound I captured helped a lot in linking these sort of clips and without good sound, this project would have been doomed for failure.

One major problem which as yet I have yet to solve (HELP PLEASE) is an editing problem I have had involving certain scenes, What i did in this one was edit the position of Rob in the image, this was something I didn’t like to do as it reduces the quality a far bit, but It seemed to be ok in the timeline. below is a screenshot comparision of the two different ‘angles’ all changes were made in post rather than it being a different shot on set.

What this does however is form a really horrible effect at full quality export which can be seen below

When I untick the make movie self-contained option on export, this problem DOES go away, however the quality of the export is lower than that above. This is an issue I am yet to solve so anybody reading this that can help would have my greatest thanks. Alternatively I will make other edits and/or ask some of the ‘latitiude’ crew when they return to Coventry.


Grading was a real challenge, I am partially colour blind which isn’t a great help (I have trouble distinguishing between certain colour types and grades) I did give it a good go, after reading and viewing several tutorials including some from ‘Brian Mansi’ I used the 3 way colour corrector in Final cut pro to sort the colouring out and then used different colour grades to get different feels out of each scene.


Getting the right introduction is something not to be taken lightly, A film is judged by it’s first few seconds, especially in short film, this is why I wanted to open up with the band performing, aswell as informing the audience about who, why, where, and what they are doing it provided something which I felt could look good and really help my film to stand out from other FMP’s I wanted to hit the ground running in the introduction to allow the slower and angrier scenes to progress more naturally later on. However I made TWO major errors in getting this sorted. One was my lack of foresight on how difficult the scene would be, I did not consider it enough in the shot list stage and didn’t think about font or style enough to make my later job as an editor easier. Two was that during this shoot i did not get enough ‘filler or cutaway’ shots this was a massive error on my part as I knew I would not get another chance to shoot in the location again especially not with the same actors. However I experimented with a few different techniques, I wanted the title of the film to stand out, but with something moving in it’s background, I had considered getting shots of an early evening city (coventry or Birmingham) but instead decided to use some extra footage from this shoot that I had previously thought was unusable. I decided to defocus the image as much as I could and the place the text on top of it, I experimented alot with the placing, spacing and movement of the text, but in the end decided on a plain bit of text in a custom font, spaced slightly and faded in from centre. This sounds very plain and basic but I feel it gives the film a nice almost ‘vintage’ opening reminding me of the introduction used in some ‘beatcast’ sessions. Here’s one that I also posted in my PPP influences.


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