What Influenced ‘Grandiose’ – Cinematography, Characters, Story, Sound

Throughout the pre-production and production phases of my FMP I have not really sat down and thought about ‘what has influenced this short?’ Obviously though a lot of things have influenced this short, A lot of people that I shown the intial script to compared the story and characters to those from Scott Pilgrim (The comic and the film) Especially comparisons between the characters of Nathan (some seen as Scott Pilgrim) and Mike (Young Neil). Also the basic premise of a medicore band trying to be something bigger than they currently are is something that is also a plot point in the scott pilgrim film.

Although I didn’t intend for it, I can certainly see the comparisons between my short and the series, Especially seeing as how I was in the middle of re-reading the graphic novels during scripting, However, there are major differences to this film and all the comparisons are quite minor in my opinion. Other comparisons I’ve had to my script I have mentioned in the past including short film, ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ which is a story based around a couples love life disintergrating with a number of metaphors through modern music and technology.

This film i loved for it’s clever script and pacing, I was certinanly influenced by this film as mentioned in 360mc and as the script was in progress I did find myself looking back to this film for comparisons as to how I could work it. One thing I tried to do in my film was expand beyond a two character setup, I will look further into this in my evaluation to see how successful I think I was in trying to build up more than two well rounded characters into a 10-12 minute piece. The cinematography of this film was also an influence into how I decided to film my piece.

I also decided to look through some other short films we had been shown in the past on the course and also more experiemental pieces such as those seen on channel 4’s ‘random acts’ to further inspire me, although I wanted to do a traditional almost soap like drama, I found some great ideas from some of these which helped to influence style, cinematography and also other ideas for the future.

Random act example http://randomacts.channel4.com/#view/152

Another film i mentioned in my 360MC under influences which I felt stayed with me throughout production was Ricky Gervais’ 2010 film Cemetery Junction, I do see a number of similarities between the characters in that film and those in Grandiose. Particularly their own individual goals and how those goals effect the newly formed attitudes they have for each other.

Of course this film was also influenced by comments people made about early drafts of my script, some people had some massively different visions from how I started and as stated previously the final piece is massively different from that which was pitched at the end of 360MC. Some people expressed their concerns over pacing and drama (such as the lack of any clear ‘motive’ for Nathan) which I used to help better my drafts. The edits can be seen in previous posts.

The sound of this piece was scaled down from how I would have dreamed my film. I imagined much more music in the film but unfortunately this was not possible for various reasons (mainly budget and casting) so creating a convincing band with multiple performances was way beyond what I could access for this project. In my 1st draft I had imagined the soundscape to play a major part of the film, focusing quite a lot on the band rather than solely Nathan, the changes made meant the story had to change but I honestly think it forced me to change it for the better, especially considering the budget I had to work with.



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