Helping out on other FMP’s – ‘Locked In’

Throughout the last few months I have tried to make myself available to help people out with FMP’s, I made myself available for as many as I could ‘realistically’ as I wanted to get some more footage for my showreel and just in general help other people out. However and quite obviously I wouldn’t be able to help out everybody I wanted and when they wanted, Some people’s fmp’s I had to back out of helping out on including Adam’s and Leanne’s but there projects seemed to work out well regardless. Below are some of the projects I helped out on, with emphasis on Laura Meades’ FMP ‘Locked In’

‘Locked in’

Locked in is Laura Meades FMP. I’ve been taking a big interest in this project for a while, I was asked to look through early drafts of scripts and give my personal opinions, I helped by giving my thoughts and how I viewed certain scenes only Laura could tell you how helpful it was but I feel that it helped her at this early stage to improve what were already good early drafts.

For the actual project I put myself down as a camera operator, I would have gone for Director Of Photography but I knew that this project was likely to clash with my own FMP so I did not want to commit to a major role in case I had to back out of the project for 1 of the shoot days. However I pretty much ended up doing much of  this role in the end in any case.

Before I start on what happened on the shoot day I should say that Laura was the one behind getting me the hospital location for my FMP we decided to book the room out for the same day so we would use the room only 1 day between us and I shot my scene before she went on to work on her FMP. For her FMP we recorded her ‘establishing scene’ of her main character on a hospital bed (different one from my own and the scene is framed in a different style) We were making progress with this and then aiming to shoot other scenes at a flat later on. However We received updates from the actress throughout the day and then found out that she would not be appearing today or at all, leaving Laura with a major issue with her FMP. She then went off with Natalie and her Actor to record the voice-overs she needed, she had planned to do that on the next day of shooting but we all agreed it would be better to do it then instead.

Her actor got in contact with a friend of his and Laura had a new actress ready for a shoot on Wednesday, This put production back a day but considering the situation this was not too big of a deal. On the Wednesday shoot we prepared ourselves and started filming at the flat. We had a very small crew for this shoot consisting of just myself, Laura and Faye for some of the shoot but we were joined by Natalie after she finished work (she was booked off for the Tuesday but could not get Wednesday off of work) We shot a few scenes at the flat and then shot a small scene at Starbucks (which the sun helped us out with by appearing during filming for the only point that day) After the shoot we returned back to the flat to film the rest of the scenes we had. This would continue until the early hours of the next day.

What I would say about this project was that it was well organised in some respects especially considering the amount of time she had to re-organise the Wednesday shoot, however this shoot did prove how important having plenty of spare SD cards and batteries are. We ended up spending a lot of time waiting around for the only 600D battery to charge before being able to continue. If we had one more battery then we would have got through some of the scenes in half the time. Overall though I felt it went well, I was heavily involved in getting the shots to look nice. It shown me the limits of the 600D camera with the standard lens, Laura also had an AF70-300mm Lens that worked great in low lights but was rendered useless as it had quite a large zoom on it rendering most shots in the flat useless. When we had the light and space to make it work however the 600D could produce some quality images (some beautiful shots especially in Starbucks)

I also worked as a camera op on some of David and Charlie’s FMP’s although it was only some of much larger projects.


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