Throughout the process of making the film I knew that music would be vital to this film, I had to make sure that the music I got after shooting would work as many different factors meant I would not be able to record this myself. I needed two songs in the film for different reasons, I needed one for the introduction which I could ‘pretend’ was one of the bands’ own songs and another for the pub scene which would work to set the mood of the pub. I also needed the piece to be scored and orignally this was going to be done by Benedict as seen in my poster.

To get the songs I pretty much just asked on facebook and twitter, I know a number of people in bands that I knew would love to offer music for this project but finding the right song was quite a struggle, I was sent a number of hard rock and metal which really didn’t suit the scene at all. As stated in a previous post I decided to use a ‘strings of colonies’ song as it suited the scene the best, I also used a very small snippet of the song as Rob’s ringtone in the 3rd scene.

I kept in touch with Baden about the music over the editing days, I sent him a rough version of the scene with his bands song in. For the introduction scene Dale offered during filming one of his bands songs to use, He decided that the King Hermit song ‘She’s a deciever’ suited the part the best, I agreed and used the ending of that song to introduce the film. I then had problems with the scoring, I knew that Ben had his own deadlines and he stated that getting the score ready in time would be a worry, I decided to look into copyright free music for the sake of the deadline, this wasn’t ideal but I felt it was a nesseciary sacrifice and that Ben would always be able to do the score for me to use for festivals. As I was working on the editing however I put on a playlist and on that playlist was an artist called ‘Isosine’ Internet famous for his series of ‘mashups’ particularly his mix between Slipknot and Justin Beiber called Psychosocial Baby. He released a new song called remember which I felt could work extremely well with my final scene. I asked the artist for permission to use the song in my film before continuing.

The above link is the track I used, the feedback I had from…..

I feel that the music I have for my film works really well for my film, in hindsight I should have prepared backups for the score sooner than I did but in the end it all works out well. I honestly think that the track I ended up using for the last scene makes it stand out that much more, I realise I probably shouldn’t have been this lucky and in the future I will aim to have backups ready if someone has to step out of any major role such as music or casting.


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