Deciding what footage to use for the showreel was a problem, I found that a lot of the stuff I had made in my second year or even the first half of third year were unusable and would not show of my skills well, some footage was unattainable for various reasons and I refused to lower the quality of the piece to accommodate it.

I’d like to make a point about the length of the piece. I have seen a good few showreels (including some on the course) That I felt were miles too long and a lot of the footage was of variable quality. I feel that this is the WORST way to attract any interest from a showreel, The plan for mine was to have a series of beautiful images (throwback to second year) that showed off my various ways of telling a story. I always planned to make the video about a minute to a minute and a half. I feel the worst thing you can do is bore somebody with a showreel, and 3-5 minutes just leaves people skipping through from experience. Hell i know people will just skip through my own showreel, which was why I planned a ‘scale’ of beautiful images in the piece which i liked. Although I think all of the shots are worthy, the start, middle and end is where I focused on having the ‘moneyshots’ so to speak, as I knew this would likely be the points people would skip to.

I decided to use commercial music due to the pacing of the partiuclar song, I would like to avoid any legal consequences by getting a new showreel done but with a song designed solely for the showreel.

Below are some showreels I used as a form of inspiration.


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