How to make a living.

As I will likely be freelance for the forseeable future it is important to look into how I can make money from this. It is highly unlikely I will be able to go straight into making enough income from this to support my self for a good while. However here are some steps available from giving a simplistic step by step guide I will then state where I am with these goals.


    • 1

      Decide what type of videographer you want to become. Your training will vary based on the type of services you will offer such as videotaping weddings, conferences, corporate video, local musicians, baby births, bar mitzvahs or sporting events or becoming an independent or studio film producer or a legal videographer.  Although I have skills elsewhere I am starting to focus my abilities at corporate and live event film-making, my next step is to focus more on this by getting experience with more companies and shooting even more sporting and music events.

    • 2

      Enroll in any classes you might need that will teach you what you need to know. Check your local college or night school for videotaping, video editing and business courses. Of course, practice is the most important element in becoming a skilled videographer. Coventry University have this covered

    • 3

      Borrow or rent a camcorder if you cannot buy one at first. Shoot lots of video. The more you shoot and analyze your work, the better you’ll get at it. When you get good enough, you can start your own business or apply for jobs as a videographer. Here’s the challenge, Money is obviously a problem and I do not have access to my own kit. This is priority number one (first step decent editing gear) however for the near future I will work with other people’s kit or hiring out equipment and charging the employer for the expense. I aim to get a bar or shop job in the near future to fund this expense as well as any extra money I make from freelancing.

    • 4

      Obtain any other equipment you will need. Besides the camera you will most likely need a tripod, extra batteries and lighting equipment, a computer, digital storage devices, editing equipment and sound mixing equipment. For your home office you will need a phone with voice mail or an answering machine, business cards and a way to bill customers. See above about equipment, the rest is being covered.

    • 5

      Break into your field by being proactive. Hang around busy locations waiting for things to happen, or listen to police radio if you want to capture news on video. Create your own mini-documentaries if you want to break into that business or volunteer to tape seminars if you’d like to shoot educational events. I have my showreel and vimeo account showing off my talents and abailites, I’d say I have been pro-active during my time at Coventry and hopefully my web and physical presence has helped show that off. I will keep in touch with my contacts and also build some new ones in the northamptionshire area to keep myself in the ‘loop’.

    • 6

      Start an event videography business by videotaping events for friends. The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Do jobs for friends and family to gain experience and then let them get the word out about your services. I have already made some videos for friends that run small businesses and this would be an area i would look into in the future. Of course, budget and time do play a lot into what I would be able to do.


      What this shows is something I already knew, that the next few weeks,months and years will be a struggle, probably the biggest challenge of my life, It will be a true test to see whether this career path is the right one for me. I will be focusing my efforts in the midlands area but will move from this if the right job comes up unexpectedanly. As stated before I will consider moving anywhere for the right job, although if long-term it would need to be an english speaking place or country due to my lack of language skills. (I can dream)


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