Work Experience gained over the last few months.

Over the last few months I have filmed or otherwise worked on several events and for several different companies. The events and companies will be listed below as well as a short upcoming or potential upcoming list, I will then go into how I feel this has helped me or will help me in the future.

BMW-Mini Synter

BBC Big Screens

Coventry Council (producing videos for the Big Screens)

Rocked Up (Music demo session)

Matt Lakey and the Whatever (Music video Shoot)

Coventry Blaze ENL (Scorched Ice TV)

Cities of Conflict Documentary (Dresden)

and potential upcoming

BBC Big Screens (during olympics)

Orchestra recording

NHS video

Radio/Short Film experience in Norway.


All of the videos I have helped on have helped me out in some way. The BMW shoot was possibly the most rewarding in terms of quality footage that the group managed to get, but the rest certinanly helped me to look at different areas of video production (sports and music video) more professionally. The Blaze and Council videos were extremely helpful as I would like to move into sports or live event  recordings, I feel I have a good eye for fast paced action and I know that in sports or a live event you only get one chance to capture an action so being alert is a necessity, however Blaze and the big screen videos have shown me that I am up to the task and actually I rather enjoy the challenge.

My next step is to get more footage supporting this style, You may notice that my showreel has a lack of ‘live’ footage there, this was because the quality of said footage was either lost (Coventry Council) or was handed to me at a poorly exported rate (Blaze) this left me unwilling to use the footage in my show reel as it would have dramatically lowered the quality of the piece.

The forthcoming experiences are still orginisation progress with the exception of the bbc work, I have had training for this and I am going through ‘refresher’ sessions before working on the screens during the olympics, I hope that this will lead on to further work and/or contacts within the industry.

The NHS video should be moving on soon, due to my own commitments I have been unable to help move this forward, I spoke to John recently who is in charge of the project and he informed me that the full proposal had been approved so this video should be happening in the near future. It will be my job to get a crew involved in this project, If all goes well this video could lead into a series of videos. More information will appear on here when possible (although after deadline)

The norway idea is something that has appeared in the last few days I am still waiting for full details from Alton but this would likely take place in august/September and would see me spending two weeks helping to run a radio show and two weeks making a short film, In all honesty i’m interested in the travelling aspect but I have experience in radio as well as making short films and documentaries so I’m sure I can be a hand even if it’s just as a runner/researcher.

The main thing I learnt from these experiences was to be more professional in terms of what clients expect and how to react to last minute changed, but also how to be a better camera operator, I now ‘hold’ my shot for longer as I am aware of what a nightmare it can be for an editor not to do so. If given a role I now also stick to it. Too many times in second year people would not stick to their roles causing massive problems in the creation of projects, this CAN NOT happen professionally, I’m glad to see most of our year now getting used to that idea.

My next step after these experiences are unknown, I am updating my CV to apply for new job roles nationwide, I am at a stage in my life where if the job is right I can confidently say I will move to work for it. The challenge is making everyone else believe that and also believe that I am the best person for said job or jobs.


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