Oslo – NRK/Ulfah Arts

I was fortunate enough to take part in a work experience placement in Norway, this was orginised by Birmingham based charity Ulfah Arts and would see me working and receiving radio based training with NRK, more specifically Arne and Sigbourn from world music show Jungletelegrafen.

We flew into Norway on the 21st  of August and settled into our accommodation, we knew we were to start with NRK the next morning so prepared ourselves for an early night, although we made sure to get some food in and this should be a good point to emphisise that Oslo is an expensive city, fortuantly we were prepared for this due to some training Ulfah arts provided us before we set out, the training gave us an idea of what to expect and also some basic Norwegian.

We went into NRK on Wednesday and got the introduction to the building, radio show and presenters, as a recent Media Production graduate I was very excited and intrigued to see the in’s and outs of a major TV/Radio company and I particularly enjoyed seeing the massive room of TV cameras and lighting.  Over the course of the week we were given training in radio equipment and interviewing techniques, as a tester we went into the centre of Oslo to get some interviews to put into a ‘mock’ programme , this was helpful for those among us that had no radio experience as it allowed them to get first hand experience of getting the sound right, whereas I was happy to get some practice in conducting some interviews.

All of this was preparation for us to be conducting interviews live on air, We would be getting interviews at the ‘Mela’ festival as part of a special live edition of Jungletelegrafen. Me and Nicola were at the family stage while 2 other teams were situated at the main backstage area and the second stage. This was an interesting experience as everyone on our team had never done live radio before apart from myself (and even then only studio based and via telephone) so people were very nervous, I’m happy to say everything went well and if people were nervous on air then the presenter didn’t seem to notice.


We then spent the rest of the weekend enjoying what Oslo had to offer, Oslo really is a beautiful city and I could spend ages again talking about just the touristy aspect of it.  Our task for the weekend was to try and come up with an idea for a documentary that we would have to make ourselves, This took me a while but I eventually decided to do one based around Film, I then focused that into film scores but later changed to Norwegian film history. These documentaries were aimed to be quite short so I decided that I would make it a beginners guide to Norwegian film for a UK audience, All of our documentaries will be getting played on Radio Youthology.

NRK organised us some listening sessions and Q and A’s with some award winning radio documentary makers to help inspire and educate us before setting us off to make our documentaries, this was very helpful as it allowed me to build up my current knowledge and also made me reconsider my sound design as the sound design in these documentaries were stunning.

We also shadowed Arne and Sigbourn during the creation of the latest episode of Jungletelegrafen this was good to see as we went through every part of the show from the script to the recording.

Arne and Sigbourn also helped us build up our contacts, I interviewed a member of NRK’s film review show and also the producer of Oslo’s philharmonic orchestra, the latter I ended up not using as I didn’t feel it added to the piece. The time out from the group also allowed me to experience the city centre on my own and I spent the afternoon at the Nobel Peace museum (highly recommended if you find yourself in Oslo)

Once the interviews were finished I put them together to make my documentary. Arne also offered great help and feedback along the way to those who asked for it.

In conclusion I have to say I really enjoyed my time in Oslo, the people at NRK were very helpful and treated us well on this placement, there were no tea-making tasks here and although the people in our groups were all at different levels at the start of this experience, we were all given tips and techniques that we could use that we may not have considered before. I’m already missing Oslo and thanks again to all at Ulfah arts for allowing me to take part in this.


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